Friday, September 30, 2011

The Queen of Everything

When Saraiah was a little baby, we had a special little rhyme we used to sing... "Saraiah Jean, she is the queen...of everything, Saraiah Jean."  I don't say it as often anymore, but every once in a while, something comes up that reminds me.  Saraiah's name means my princess from the Hebrew name "Sarai."  She has been the princess of the family from the day she was born, but on Wednesday she got to be the princess of the kindergarten class.  At the homeschool resource school we attend, they have a "Kindergarten Experience" class.  Each week, a child takes turn being the special student, and Saraiah was drawn to go first.  She made a little poster with pictures of her as a baby, photos of the family and Hawaii, and "some magazine pictures" as she said.  She got to go up front and share them with her friends, and then she had the privilege of passing out snacks.  It was fun to get to see Saraiah feel special in her new role as an "actual" student, and I loved looking at her baby pictures.  How are my babies so old?  Eva is turning 13 in a week, and Saraiah is already five.  Tomorrow Brandon walks her down the aisle, I guess?

Looking very teacher like...

special student name tag

showing off her circle drawing

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  1. I was singing that in the car the other day. And thinking of Maia Papaya. And wondering why I didn't know the Eva, Issac and Levi poems.


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