Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rise up O flame

I am phoenix!  
Tonight we're doing a staycation.  We had a little family party for Maia.  All the kids were acting totally insane, having poor manners and being generally wild.  I'm not sure if they sense the change in the air, and have to go berzerk to go out of summer with a bang or what, but they have been weird.

Anyway, they decided to act somewhat normal, besides climbing on chicken coop buildings and drawing red dots on their skin.  We decided a camp out was in order, with it being labor day weekend and all.  The tent is out, the bon fire has been burned, the burgers have been eaten, and the marshmallows roasted.  I even tried to sing some girl scout songs, like "rise up o flame."   The boys were not impressed with that one, and wanted me to sing "525,600" minutes.  We talked about photons and how you couldn't see anyone without them.  Brandon explained to the kids about how very old the photons coming from the stars are, and that they make that long journey, only to end in our eyes!

Now all we have left to do is to clean the grass and dirt that has stuck to Maia's sleeping marshmallow face, wipe feet clean, get out those jammies, and go to bed.  This is our last late summer night, so nighty night!

my view of levi from the deck.  yes, that is the roof of the chicken coop.

pasture and camelids.

because i guess you have to do toe touches to stay in shape enough to climb chicken coops.

marshmallow face gave me a lovely flower

eerie, aren't we?

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