Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sleeping like a baby

Sweet little Maia Jo, resting in the way only a baby can.  This picture begged to be made, because just a few moments before, she was smiling in her sleep. 

Today, I slept.  For real, like the kind that makes you wake up and not require coffee to stay conscious.  I actually felt guilty that I was getting a good sleep.  At 6AM, I woke for a minute, wondering if I should be getting up...I was still tired after all!  When the headache that had followed me through each night till morning was no longer there, I realized at 7:30, that I was finally rested.  Do you ever do that...push yourself until you don't quite realize what it's like to not have to push?  

In church on Sunday, they talked about Sabbath, not like the one where you have to obey tons of strict rules, but Sabbath as our Creator did a lot, but then rest, and see how good it is.  Taking the time to really rest and really sleep, lets me understand that I don't have to become a zombie and sacrifice every speck of my being to serve my family well.  When I do what I can, and leave the rest to someone else, I am saying that I realize I'm not divine, God is.   He knows what needs to be done, and I think He'll help me sort it out.  Now that's real rest.


  1. This is such a great post! Sleep is so important and I think us Moms can tend to push it to the side in order to get everything done. We need to be rested in order to take good care of our families and ourselves. Hope you get many more nights of sweet sleep!

  2. Awesome. That's the kind of photo that makes me glad about parenting and photography...


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