Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The sun also rises

Sunrise on our first day of co-op classes

Going into this school year, I've had my standard misgivings about homeschooling.  I wonder if it's still right for each child, and painstakingly think through each of their current struggles and successes, weighing them against each type of school to find the perfect balance.  It's the time of year when I check myself to make sure I'm not continuing to educate the kids at home out of pure stubbornness or social rebellion, but that it is purely for the benefit of everyone involved, and our family unit as a whole.

I wonder if the forest fires in Eastern Washington caused this haze.  

It's hard to bare my feelings this way, and truthfully, I know I'm still biased in my judgement.  I carefully reveal my insecurities to other parents I respect, and to my husband.  Next, I make a list in my head reminding me of why we started in the first place.  I talk to the kids.  This was the first year that I could really describe our reasons for homeschooling to them, and then see a respect and thankfulness glimmer in their eyes.  Normally, it's a little bit of confusion mixed with indifference.  Explaining it to them, then witnessing their response was enough for the heaviness to be removed from my mind.  The sun had risen.  We were going to enter into this year of learning from a place of understanding and respect.  Even when the hard stuff comes, I'll remember that moment.

And the sky begins to open up

Dew on one of my new plants
Tomatoes...no color altering.  These are the reddest I've ever had on the vine.

Good morning!

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