Sunday, October 16, 2011


Emphasis in people is easy...go for those windows to the soul!

This week's assignment for the kids in our photo class is to be sure to use emphasis in their photos this week.  Emphasis is when, for artistic purpose, a certain element in a piece is given more prominence.  This can be through contrast, size and even using opposite colors on the color wheel.

If the important element of the piece is lit differently than the rest of a scene, it will stand out.  Whenever distracting elements are removed from the scene and only a few things remain, emphasis is placed on those things.  Complementary colors produce emphasis.  On an artist's color wheel, the color opposite is the complementary color.  If an object is placed upon or in front of an item of complementary color, emphasis is created. Here are the examples I made.  It was getting dark, so I couldn't get a lot of really vivid color, but I did my best.

Obviously, the pumpkin is the star.  It's the only thing here practically.  The lines of the railing lead to it, and the door frames it.  Its color helps it to pop out.

Blue and yellow sit opposite on the color wheel, so emphasis is placed on the yellow hub because it's set inside a blue wheel.

Red and Green are opposite one another on the color wheel.  The red line of the stem of this chard draws us to the leaf.

Koa's hairy lips lead right up to his big black nose.  All lines in the photo lead to it.  Emphasis!

That spinach says "pick me!"  Size is huge in emphasis.

Lines and being the only thing in the frame draw emphasis on this flower.

Color wheel opposites... 
use of negative space, triangles and lines can draw emphasis

Using the rule of thirds as well as a spare background emphasizes this flower.

Only thing in the frame...

Poor mega blok guy lines.. lead to him

Cabbage... color wheel opposites...

Lines, bright color...

A shock of color on a neutral background draws us in.

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