Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the Company of Miss Moth

A few days ago, we noticed Koa, our dog, snapping at the sliding glass door late in the evening.  I thought he was attacking his reflection, but it was just a moth.  Well, not just a moth, a really beautiful and fuzzy moth.  We opened the door to try to shoo her away, because the girls were afraid Koa would scare her, and then she flew right inside.

So instead of saving her right then, Miss Moth kept us company for a few minutes.  We remarked about how beautiful she was, and how delicate her wings were.  Saraiah noticed how sticky her feet were, and marveled that she could cling to anything.  We looked at how fuzzy she was, and at what large eyes she had, so she could see well in the darkness. We really enjoyed having nature come inside when the weather was too yucky to venture out.  It's always good to have a reminder of the wonder that exists in even the littlest creatures of creation.  When we were done blasting her sensitive eyes with the flash, we carefully put her out on the porch to go back to her family.  By the next morning, she was gone.    Do you know what kind of moth she is?

having a chat

she's a little CLOSE to me, mom!

cute faces!

goodbye, miss moth!


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