Monday, October 10, 2011

Jesus and my tall shoe

Saraiah in her tall shoe, having a chat with Jesus.
It's not surprising that she's an artist.  Saraiah, being the 4th of 5 children has a lot of time where she needs to occupy herself.  Thankfully, she hasn't taken to making large messes involving water, as Levi did in his younger years.  Instead, she likes to take bits of things and create beauty out of them.  Best of all, she loves to give whatever she compiles to the people she loves, which is usually anyone around her.  Happily, I am often the recipient of her many presents.  Often, her presents are her drawings.  I think she makes at least five a day, and they are actually really thoughtful.

My favorite was of a picture she drew of two people.  There is a very tall person, and then a very little person, standing on quite a thin little line.  I asked her why that girl was floating, and she said, "That's me, and I'm standing on my tall shoe so I can talk to Jesus, because He's my friend."  It's really cool to see her little mind whizzing away at how best to have a good chat with the Almighty One.

We were reading a book about wind at bedtime tonight.  I told Saraiah about how where I grew up in Hawaii, there are trade winds that cool you off, even in the hotness that is there.  She said, "Yeah, when it's really hot like a burnt pizza...."  I forgot the rest of what she said, because I got lost in the idea of the heat of a crispy pizza.  I love this girl.

Saraiah is also very caring.  Koa, our dog, was snapping at the window this evening.  I thought he was attacking his reflection, when I noticed a beautiful moth on the other side.  She was quite upset that Koa would want to hurt that moth, so I went outside to try to save it...and also to get a good picture.  Instead, Miss Moth came into our house!  We talked about how we should only pick her up with a piece of paper, so we could protect her delicate wings, and then we took lots of pictures!

A very blue girl

I think these were balloons and flowers

I think this was someone in a tv?  I think I need to write on the back all of the stories...

Saraiah was eager to decorate for Halloween and Fall.  This is how she set up Mr. and Mrs Scarecrow.  Very thoughtful. They have a great view.


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