Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Julie's Surprise

My friend Julie wanted a special present for her husband for their upcoming anniversary.  She had mentioned to me last time I was there that she would love to get some photos of her girls with their new cows.  So, I came over one afternoon, ostensibly for a photo shoot of the animals, and instead did a lovely surprise photo shoot of Julie and her sweet little girls.  Here are some of my favorite photos.

impromptu dance party USA


look at their amazing eyes!

of course she is showing her kids plants, being a botanist and all.... :)

such a patient mama

OOOOOOhhhh, Tom the rabbit....

is this a bad egg?


one of their places they love to sit in the barn

yes, the shoot is nearly done.

mama's little girl is growing up.  

wish I had feet as straight and perfect as hers!

looking out to where the grumpy bull is safely locked in a different pen.

farm girls

the egg basket

just a moment in the life of Julie's sweet family


  1. Great pictures Angie! I love the one with Julie and her girls laying in the grass and the barn is in the background. Beautiful!

  2. My favorite still is the laughter picture. I love it!!!

  3. Lovely, Angie. There's a lot of joy in each of these photos.


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