Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Thirteen

It's a strange feeling to know your first baby will become an adult in 5 years.  Eva is now 13.  We had a great slumber party with her friends to celebrate, complete with Hello Kitty sunglasses and cupcakes, plus 74 balloons.  The weird thing is, she's so grown up, she did almost all the prep herself.  All I did was to take her shopping at Party City and then work really hard cleaning the house.  She and a friend made the invites, she and Isaac had enough hot air for all those balloons and on the morning of her party, she woke early to make the cupcakes.  Oh, and I did pull off some mass logistics so that in the end she only had one sibling at home overnight.  There were pink and purple streamers that Eva hung with her friends, homemade mac and cheese made as a team, then yummy crepes made the next morning.  It's odd to let go like this, but I know it's a good thing.  

I think I love the age of thirteen.  It's totally an age where girls just know how to have fun.  There was some great fog the night of the sleepover, so we all ran (some barefoot) into the field and took a jillion pictures.  Then we ran back in and the girls played a game, and soon it was time for cake, then 2 different bride movies, and finally, Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I forgot there is total drunkenness in that movie, but I think the girls understood how ridiculous it all looked, and weren't eager to run out and buy a six pack.  The girls were sufficiently sleep deprived when they went home the next day, but I'm sure they had a great time!  

streamer and flying balloon

i love hello kitty.  i think she is timeless and not necessarily babyish...i hope.  :)

getting too old for the number candles.  The 1 and 3 would not fit.

bon apetit!

and when you're 12 or do the cooking!


Levi and his cousin acting all "Twilight" on us

the perfect outfit for playing in the fog

we apparently have a tradition of making toilet paper dresses at eva's birthday parties.  In this shot, she has just thrown her "bouquet" and a friend is catching it.  Last year, there was an entire toilet paper dress contest, which made people sad, so we went for dressing up 2 people as brides, sans judging.
bride #2 bouquet

incredulous eva

I wuv the moon

because you always need guns in a field where coyotes may be lurking
Look maia, it's a field sprite!

Eva the field sprite

Another field sprite!
Cinnamon is NOT amused at all of this nonsense

Maia's big bud

Catch the moon

Maybe we'll get sleepier this way?

The moon has been captured!  Good night!


  1. Good pictures. Did you do a jumping shot?

  2. yes we did, but there are faces of girls on it. have to get parent permission to post on blog first.


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