Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cutie cat and the vampire

The Addams Family

It looks like Halloween is turning into another one of those holidays we Americans tend to celebrate over the course of at least a week.  The kids dressed up four different times in their costumes this year.  I loved it.  My secret for loving it is that I did nothing.  I stressed over nothing, and still, everything happened.

We didn't go buy costumes or pumpkins.  The kids found costume things in our massive hoard of all things dress up.  The kids carved the mini pumpkins from the garden all on their own.  Saraiah even carved and cleaned hers all on her own.  We had one of those pumpkin carving kits from a few years ago, and the little saws are actually quite kid self-injury proof, as long as you use a softer pumpkin.  We were given larger pumpkins by their great aunt.

Cutie cat butterfly
The kids got to wear costumes at Awanas, Trick or Treating on the main street Saturday, at school today for a parade, and then again this evening.  I wore panda ears left over from our summer vacation Bible school.  I think the costumes fit each kid's personality perfectly.  Isaac was Indiana Jones.  Levi was a taekwondo guy and a baseball player.  He wanted to be a zombie killer, but that got nixed...wasn't sure if other parents would want him shooting nerf guns at their kids in costume.  Saraiah was Mulan, then a princess, then a ballet girl.  Maia was a "Cutie Cat Butterfly" complete with nose and whiskers drawn on, clip on cat ears from a different Halloween, and wings from Grandma.  Eva was Laura Ingalls Wilder.
That's my grandpa!
On Saturday, their grandpa Rod wore his ever famous vampire costume.  I think he's worn it every year since Brandon and his brother were in school.  Maia, being 3 and squeamish of plastic bugs, was one we were sure would be very terrified, so I braced myself when she met gramps. But beneath all that makeup, black hair and those sharp fangs, all she saw was her grandpa.  She squeezed me a little, then wanted to go in his arms.  Saraiah, on the other hand, looked a little reserved.  Devin, their cousin, was dressed as a teenage vampire, which was also quite impressive.

Not so certain
Not impressed, we've seen the vampire thing before.
Mulan earlier in the day

Earlier in the day with her pumpkin light
cutie cat butterfly and grandma

beware vampires lurking in doorways!

And teen vampires coming out of banks...



Taekwondo man

This is how our teachers dress up at school.

Today the kids at school paraded around the main courtyard.  Our photo class was required to do an assignment using expressionism, so because there was a lot of unreal stuff going on, I had lots of fun taking pictures for that assignment.


My exercise bands,  Nope, didn't do them at school.  I was too chicken.

High quality H2O

wonder woman!

Power Ranger!

Maia the elusive Cutie Cat

That super mario guy--Toad


the scream
We were invited to my brother's house to an absolutely delectable dinner of my all time fave, chili an rice.  We got to see the most adorable niece in the universe dressed up as a bumble bee.  Then I literally froze my toes as we trick or treated in their neighborhood.  Afterwards, we were treated to the obligatory dumping and sampling of candies as a I thawed my insanely ice cube-like toes.  Note to self, huaraches and night time jaunts for trick or treating do not mix.

danny and emma's pumpkins
cousins, totally random 

Out in the frigid night air
I can just taste their goodness in the air... 
Looking wistfully at the other candy...
Moral of the story, Halloween is awesome because you don't have to stress, you can dress however you like, you can get free candy, and the only price you have to pay is a few Tums, an extra dab of toothpaste and some frosty toes.  The memories you get from spending good times with family and friends are worth all that.  What made your Halloween special this year?

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