Monday, November 7, 2011

Daniel and Julie's Family

A little plum made its way to the dining room table as the family was processing apples 
Daniel and Julie and their two little girls are a blast to be around.  I arrived at their home in time to catch some photos of the girls getting ready.  The family got dressed up for a front porch picture, then came inside and worked on processing some of their freshly picked apples and then went for a walk on their property.  When I was done taking photos of them and their girls, I realized it had been two hours and I had taken almost as many photos as I did at the wedding last month.  Their girls have about a billion funny faces and could be gymnasts with all the creative ways they can sit on things.

Julie is an amazing mother who takes the time to really show and tell her girls about the world around them, allowing them freedom to be just the kind of people they were made to be.  She cares for her family through beautiful healthy cooking and her extensive herb knowledge.  Daniel is an attentive dad who I can tell is very in love with his wife and girls.  They live on a great farm with some cows, chickens, ducks, bunnies and a little hamster.  I feel blessed to have been able to spend the morning with them this Saturday.  Here are some favorites from our time.

Ipad entertainment


morning calisthenics?

Waiting for her turn to get some hair brushing in

some more very flexible actions!

dad comes to check on everyone

waiting to get dressed

trying on mommy's heels

feeling like a princess

admiring the beautiful dress

delicious goodness

the famous rocking chair with a bullet hole

I love her book collection

This is a Tiffany lamp Julie got for a bargain.  I love that the base is like roots of a tree and, strangely, just like the human placenta.  They do call it the tree of life!

The idyllic front porch

Do I want the binky?

Time to process apples

Eva cheered her up and she talked nonsense to Eva.  

you're blindfolded!

Offering adam the apple.  He's trying to resist, but alas, he has already had a bite of another one...

Visiting the neighbor horses

Last two blackberries of the is not so good.

visiting the cows from a distance while avoiding cow pies


diddle diddle dumpling...

checking for eggs

set the bunny free!

Sitting in their favorite spot in the play yard.  Goodbye!

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