Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to make an oak leaf crown

A crown fit for a fairy princess or prince

Last week I went to visit with my friend Julie.  It was a brilliant fall day with blue skies and yellow leaves in the trees.  We planned to harvest some Oregon grape and maybe to spin some yarn, but Julie had the best idea of all.  She told me we could make leaf crowns.  I had never even made a successful daisy chain, so I was willing to learn.  

She has an oak tree growing right next to her home, so we set to work gathering materials.  We were careful to select leaves that were still moist, so that they would bend when we worked with them.  

The little girls thought they should be very moist, and also glittery.  This is not recommended.  :)

After we made sure we had enough leaves that escaped the glitter bath, we began. 

We removed the stem from a leaf, right at the base. 

The stem was stiff enough to poke right through two leaves that we overlapped, holding them together.

Here is a better view of our sewing action.  See how the end of one leaf is just overlapping the beginning of the next?  

Soon we had a chain of leaves.  All that was left was to try it on for size.  We used the final stem to hold it together in a circle. 

It was that time of day with the beautiful light.  The shadows and reflections on the table were beautiful, as was the light shining through the leaves. 

And there we have it, a crown!

I think we moms had a better time with the crowns even than their recipients!

And here are some happy photos, just for beauty's sake.

Walking through the school campus on an especially overcast day, I noticed Maia's eyes capturing the deep stormy blue-grey of the clouds.

A fall sunrise

A salad from our first fall garden

My first daikon radishes to eat and to grow.  Delicious!

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