Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Mountain, the Butterflies and Bob Ross' Home Station

Today I am thankful for living in the Pacific Northwest. We have family nearby. Our family members are also some of our best friends. We have all kinds of back to the basics type country friends. We have great fall leaves. We have spectacular cloudy sunsets. We have beautiful wild birds, like bluejays, eagles and even crows and seagulls. 


When we drove to Seattle today for a Co-Op field trip, I was particularly struck by the beauty of this place.  We live in a place with a rich history in its indigenous people. We can live insanely close to a large dormant volcano and still be surprised at its proximity when the clouds roll back. We can visit a major city full of museums, book lovers and coffee drinkers, barefoot runners and activists, but get to avoid its daily traffic by living an hour away. We are near the ocean if we care to drive and are surrounded by temperate rainforest and mind boggling diversity of life in those forests. To me, it's a taste of what heaven might be, but a little colder.

The field trip led us to the Pacific Science Center at Seattle Center.  We watched a beautiful film about two women who rescued orphaned animals.  One raised elephants orphaned by poachers in Kenya,  The other raised orangutans orphaned by deforestation in Borneo.  Both lived their lives according to their passion and interest.  I like to try to live my life like that, right here where I've been put.  

Next, we went into the Butterfly room.  The tropical plants there are all those I grew up with.   I was reminded of how blessed I was to have grown up in a place with plants of such incredible beauty.  One of the first things I noticed was a gardenia.  It it my favorite flower and was in my wedding bouquet.  Butterflies were as common as birds in that place and the kids were entranced.  They rested on hands and heads, looking like beautiful adornments.  We saw them drinking up yumminess with their proboscis.  We left that tropical place to go to the coolness of the tide pool exhibit.  There, we saw animals who live right in the Puget Sound.  


new hair decor 

Starfish sending up her little suckers

It was time to eat some yummy packed lunches, comprised of apples, tortilla sandwiches and granola bars.  We enjoyed the seagulls begging for a snack, then headed to the next place.  Channel 9, KCTS, is our local public television station.  The kids sat in a call center, visited a sound stage, saw the main control and editing rooms for the station and saw the current playing show: that of Bob Ross, the painter of "happy little trees."    It was a lovely day.  I'm glad we live here.

This is why we homeschool
best buddies

Public Television, KCTS

Sound Stage

Back home, Maia sitting by the window

Our kitty, Pearl  

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