Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Children and a Cousin

Well, it's finally been done.  Portraits of each of my five children have been completed, finished right at the last moment before it's too late to get them to family for Christmas.  I've been trying to do this since summertime, but it's tough having 3 out of 5 kids who would much rather run from the camera than strike a pose in front of it.  I had many photos of the little girls from throughout the year, but wanted all the portraits to have a similar light.  They will all be hanging on walls as a group, so it makes sense.  We've also needed to update a picture with their cousin that was taken in Hawaii last year for the grandparents.  Unfortunately, I had a large brain glitch when we tried to arrange it this year while in Hawaii, so, instead the kids and their cousin got to stand in the Washington frost and look cheerful.  They look so much older in pictures.  Why is that?


laughing at goat eating my camera and hair

Mr Serious

This is totally Levi.

Corbin is pretending to be a wimpy kid

The girls and Auntie Trina

giant reflector boy

Mother/Son :)

Cousin Goofiness

The serious look

The smiling look

She let me take 5 pictures!  2 turned out!

The next to the fence pose
The look of an eleven year old

My brown eyed girl

The cousins. 


  1. Your pictures look great! Eva's hair is so long and pretty... :)


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