Thursday, December 29, 2011

And these three remain...

The trusty rice cooker and can opener

Tonight I made soup and was using my electric can opener.  I like it a lot, even though its plastic is a bit warped and discolored from being left on a stove burner.  I looked across the counter at my rice cooker.  It's Japanese and has lasted all 13.5 years of our marriage, as has the can opener.  They were both wedding gifts.  This led me to wonder what I really had left of our wedding gifts.  Brandon and I brainstormed, and here is what we came up with.  If you remember giving me something and it's not here, remind me.  It may be broken and was probably well loved.  Our family uses everything to the bitter end and the things that are left have survived 7 moves, one being across the Pacific ocean.  I've decided that it's ok that this is all that's left of our gifts, because every gift was fully appreciated.  The best gifts we were given were these: faith, hope and love, and we've still got plenty of those.   I'd love to know what remains from your wedding.

Our wedding photos were a gift from a photographer friend.  The album and frame were also gifts.  There is one more album that I know is in our photo boxes that was also a gift.
Our toothbrush holder.  I think my friend Kelly gave this to us.

A hand turned koa wood bowl.  It has a piece broken off of it, but I love it.  It is my reminder that one day I will play with a lathe and make beautiful things like this.

I'm actually thinking the cookbook was from our wedding shower or first Christmas, but it's old and thrashed as dirt, so it counts.  These three pieces of silverware are our only originals I could locate.

We saved all the wedding cards, my garter, a corsage from my prom or something..oops, thought that was from the wedding when I took the pic and of course our Precious Moments cake topper.  I decorated that box in the background.   It holds all this stuff.


  1. Thats awesome I love it! My grandma has the oldest toaster alive my grandpa replaced the cord on it once but its so silly no settings you just plug it in and the toast goes down not sure if it was a wedding gift or what but I know its older then my mommy:) This just reminded me of it so i had to share. E.Biggs

  2. I have that same toaster that E. Biggs wrote about. I love it. Was my great-grandmother's. She was born in 1903. I still use the toaster. The bread goes down by itself, then comes back up when it's toasted. --April Marie

  3. We had a toaster you gave us, it was still working last year when we upgraded to a 4 slot toaster. We donated it to the helping hands. :) Or maybe one of my brothers.

    Love this post!!!

  4. How sweet that toasters hold such a warm place in our homes and hearts, both literally and figuratively. :) Thank you for sharing your stories. We, unfortunately, have had probably 6 toasters, so I have no such fond memories.


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