Friday, December 30, 2011

Honolulu Zoo and Makaha Valley

Our second day home in Hawaii was filled with a trip to the Honolulu Zoo and then a trip to visit the place my in-laws were staying at in Makaha.  

These guys were busy grooming one another and being generally bored with their human audience.
This is a red crested cardinal, originally from Brazil.  The most ubiquitous birds in Hawaii's urban areas were caged birds introduced in the 1800s and early 1900s.  This little guy was brought over in the 1930s.

Yellow hibiscus: Hawaii state flower

my monkeys looking at the monkeys!

big old mr tortoise

collecting some cactus pollen

Red vented bulbul, native to the Himalayas in Asia.  It's an invasive species that eats orchid bulbs, hurting the O'ahu orchid industry.  

but he's so pretty.  Poor little guy.

Lizard trying to close his mouth around a fly he just ate.

getting a little too big for his own skin

sausage tree


water plants with reflections of the papyrus plants above

seed pods

I think he's a baboon, but he looks so thoughtful and uncomical!

Fennec Fox, native to South Africa


A stop at Leonard's Malasadas made the day.  We even tried Li Hing flavor.

I love this valley.  This is Makaha Valley, where I grew up.

Mount Ka'ala is the tallest peak on the right.  It's the highest point on O'ahu.
Looking from Turtle beach, where the inlaws were staying over to Makaha surfing beach, where many pro surfing meets happen.


Beautiful Turtle Beach  I swam with my first green sea turtle here.

A paddle boarder.  Good exercise.

Good night.

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