Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Lights

Saraiah discovered this.

We live just 20 minutes away from one of the most beautiful Christmas light displays in Western Washington: The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp.  The camp raises funds for the slow months and the rest of the year with this production.  The camp is decorated with over a million lights.  There are pony rides, a train ride, a talking Christmas tree, beautiful music, plays and best of all, freshly made hot donuts.  
holding a treasure

This year they implemented a "pay what you can night," which is great for people like me who couldn't quite fit a visit into their budget this year.  I decided to take a few of our kids along with a friend and her kids.  We had some free passes because my husband created an interactive snowball catching video game made of Christmas lights and installs it every year at the lights.  So we paid what we could and spend the rest of our money on donuts.  It was a beautiful night with the temperature hovering near 50  degrees, and it wasn't too busy because we went after Christmas day!  I think was a beautiful way to wrap up our Christmas celebrations.

I am a powerful draft horse!

Waiting for pony rides

Light flowers
tempting puddle
Contemplating the talking Christmas tree.  Apparently Christmas lights are so amazing, every child is drawn to keep their fingers in or near their mouths.  

more reactions to the all knowing Bruce the Spruce:  the talking Christmas tree who even knew our family's last name!  
posing with Bruce

Most impressive tree award

Waiting for donuts.  So hungry he could eat his shirt.
Worth every one of the 42 minutes we waited.
Enjoying every crystal of sugar
Dad's snowball game is out of order.  :(

Good night!

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  1. Christmas lights = hands in mouths!!!! Ha ha ha ha, so true, at least with our little one!!! Love this post!


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