Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy Airport: our flight delay saga in pictures

We just got back from a trip to Hawaii with a group of 13.  It had a bumpy start.  We arrived 3 hours early for our flight only to find our plane had made an emergency landing the previous night and was delayed for repairs.  Our flight ended up getting delayed two more times.  We even boarded a replacement aircraft, had the kids fall asleep for an hour, only to deplane again due to another broken plane.  In the end, we arrived in Hawaii 24 hours after our journey began.  You'll see the progression in the photos.  There are happy smiling faces that progress to finally sleeping on the floor of the terminal and being desperate just to sleep!

You'll notice, however, that most of the pictures are of happy faces.  I was too exhausted to document everyone by the end of our time, and they were in NO mood to be photographed! Our itinerary was shot and we missed our first night there, but once we were there, Hawaii was heaven as usual.  I'm just nervous to fly again.  I hope this situation never repeats itself and that Hawaiian Airlines makes a better strategy for repairing its planes.  They gave us vouchers for half the cost of each of our plane tickets, but I have requested more appropriate compensation due to the funds and precious time we lost.   I eagerly await news of what they will do.  I would love to be able to brag on them instead of to be a demoter.

6AM.  Right around now, we find out the plane we are to fly on will be delayed 2-3 hours.

Excited to go see grandma in Hawaii!

Happy to eat for the first of 3 meals in the delay.  To the credit of Hawaiian, they did provide vouchers for food.  No pictures of subsequent meals.  We were shot.

Levi's carryon suitcase had this: toy soldiers and cars.

Glee because we've only been at the airport 1 hour past the intended departure time

I cannot believe the power she has over her toes

After a while, I let the airport become a jungle gym for the kids.  This way, they were happy and

Look at these EYES on my nephew!

Yep, she's pretty flexible.

The joys of electronics

Happy to eat.

I think I was tired and was gravitating toward the ground.  I took lots of feet pics.

The clouds we are supposed to be flying above

A rare picture of eva laughing.  Thanks gramps!

Thank you Apple, for inventing the Ipod Touch.

This moving sidewalk and the food vouchers are what kept the kids from having a mutiny.  I need one of these in my home.

Daddy daughter 

Looking for our airplane complete with backpack

Thank goodness for computers.  The girls were getting cranky.

Grandpa keeps maia cheered up

My handsome hunk of a husband.  Still smiling for me even with bloodshot eyes.
Passing the time.  I love grandma for this.  Eva didn't sleep at all the entire time.

On the ipod, watching the computer.

Levi has a dazed look.  He's wondering when we get to leave.

Cold and tired in our Hawaii  clothes.  By this time, we had been at the airport for about eight hours.  We are waiting to catch a shuttle to try to take a nap at a hotel near the airport. Hawaiian Airlines paid for a hotel room for us.  Unfortunately, it was too late in the game to be able to use properly for rest.

Hawaii clothes.  Levi was a little purple.

One kid slept.  Everyone else moshed in the little hotel room while the tv played.

The monkeys after returning to the airport.  Notice maia is very perky because she was the one who slept.

We took the little kids to this play area.  Maia was actually the only one who was allowed to be there, due to height restrictions, but I took Saraiah anyway.  They need something for the older kids.  Like a jungle gym or giant playground with trampolines on the ceiling if they are going to delay entire families for insane amounts of time.

Ballet toes?  

The airport got lots of business because of our delay.  See the neck pillows they bought so they could sleep at the terminal?

Saraiah finally crashed HARD.

The second plane.

Original flight: 9:20 AM.  First plane  we boarded: 11:50 pm.
Inside the plane.  This is when they were telling us we had to wait for a little maintenance.

Meanwhile, children are comatose.

We deplane an hour later because they can't figure out how to fix the plane.  We are cold and thirsty, so we ask for blankets and water for the kids.  We camp on the floor.  See maia's little head in the middle?

Walking around to pass the time.  No one should ever have to see this hour on an airport departures screen.  It was now friday.  We were supposed to be in Hawaii on Thursday.

I wish this were true of Hawaiian Airlines.  We boarded and they bragged of their amazing ontime record.  Not quite sure where they got their stats. I heard many other stories of incredible delays with them. 
Levi woke up when we deplaned, still in Washington, asked if we were in Hawaii, and cried to find out we were still at the airport.  


  1. why on earth didn't they put you on an Alaska flight or some other airline?? Totally inexcusable! I hope they make this right for you...I know it will make me think twice about every using Hawaiian Air.

  2. I'm not really sure. They said there were no flights to be had. That's all we heard. I know they fly out of Portland and LAX. I was thinking they should have sent us out of one of those airports.

  3. Now they have told us they are not going to be able to do anything else for us. I am not able to recommend them to anyone anymore in regards to safety and on time record.


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