Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree: portraits of family and festivity

Yesterday was the date of our annual Christmas tree cutting.  We met up with my friend Jeanette, who grew up with me in Hawaii and lives in Seattle with her husband Morgan.  My brother and his family always come along too.  I had promised a photo shoot for my niece's birthday, so we squeezed in some pictures of their little family as we searched for the perfect tree in the 3pm sunset light of late fall.

Stink Eye

the girl of many faces

pretend knock out


another photobomb

last photobomb

right size?

And she fell from the sky...


back home


  1. I adore your family portrait! It's so real. Love it.

  2. We have tried family portraits a few times this year, and they always turn out really wacky. Having a preteen and teen who don't want to be photographed adds to the challenge. Last year everyone posed perfectly, but this year they are feeling WEIRD! In Hawaii we had pictures of kids leaning out of the frame. ay caramba! I just want something for the grandparents for Christmas, and this may have to do!


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