Friday, December 30, 2011

Onolicious Paradise

Some Zippy's chili and rice.

I decided it's been a month since we returned from Hawaii, so it's about time I share the photos from our time there.  If you've been following my blog, you'll remember that we were delayed at SeaTac Airport for about 18 hours after two of Hawaiian Airlines' planes broke down.  When we arrived in Hawaii the day after we were supposed to, I called my dad from the airport.  I said "Dad, we're here!"  He says "Where?  Are you still in Seattle?  No, I'm here, in Hawaii!"  He had been so used to us calling to say we were delayed that he thought we must never have left!  We stopped in at Zippy's on the way to Wai'anae for some of their yummy chili, and finally saw my dad at about noon.  Mom got home a little later, having worked that day.  We were too tired to think, so we just visited with family, ate super ono (Hawaiian for delicious) food, and went to sleep.  We saw a beautiful sunset before we turned in.

Saraiah got a bento with spam, eggs and rice and Maia had some saimin noodles.   These, together with chili and rice are some of my most favorite foods ever.
Our condo had vaulted ceilings with a loft!
The kids loved climbing the ladder to the loft.

This is the view you get along Farrington Hwy, the road that stretches all the way down the Wai'anae coast to Makaha, where I grew up and where we stayed.  The sunset was amazing.  

Driving past a beach park lined with kiawe trees.
Dusk at our condos.  I love Hawaii grass.
Eva was so tired, she fell asleep early on grandma's couch.

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