Thursday, December 8, 2011

The puzzle pieces for my empty spaces

I'm thankful for the teachers my children have in their lives.  As their mother, I often sorely feel the things I lack in knowledge, patience and experience.  The Co-Op school we attend when we aren't homeschooling provides puzzle pieces for those empty spaces I sense.

Here are some sweet photos of my kindergartener's first day back at school after our vacation.  Her Kindergarten Experience class teacher is a brave soul, allowing some 12 children to dip their fingers in acrylic paint to create a hand print christmas tree wall hanging.  Thankfully, there are usually 4 or 5 parents present in the room and everything went smoothly.  Saraiah couldn't stop peppering her tree with little red berries.  I'll be proud to hang her tree next to the one Eva made eight years ago in the same class.

There was also storytime yoga class that day.  Saraiah's teacher, Dawn, is the one I did photos of for her business.  You'll see the blog post in the side bar of my blog.  Storytime yoga is such a gentle and intelligent way to draw kids into calm physical activity.  Dawn does some warm up poses, reads a story that's usually around a theme like dinosaurs or gardens, does some more somewhat relevant poses, then reads more.  It's a great class and is my favorite part of our Co-Op day.

Saraiah then goes off to some other classes on her own and I occupy myself with caring for 3 year old Maia or attempting to organize our lives.  Meanwhile, my 3 biggest kids go independently from one outstanding teacher to the next, learning about things like Lego robotics, drawing, knights and castles, our North American neighbors, keyboarding, band, French and forensic science.  I'm so thankful for the resources that are available to our children in the rich selection of educators who share their knowledge so perfectly well.


  1. Well written and so true, we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful community teaching our children!! Thank you Angie for the piece and thank you teachers for being you and being there!

  2. Angie I could never have said it so well or so wisely. Thank you!!!! And thank you to all the teachers who have and will touch our lives since we found SVS!!!


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