Saturday, July 9, 2011

"It's all mixed up, just like you, Mom."

My Pike Place Bouquet

It's very strange having just two kids at home.  That's how it was last night, because 2 of them had been away at overnighters and today, after a week away, we got our oldest kid back.  She had been at a mission trip helping with a summer school in Seattle.  She brought me this amazing bouquet from Pike Place Market.  I don't remember ever having one of their bouquets all to myself.  She said, "When I saw it, I said that's my mom, because it's all mixed up!"   At first, I wasn't certain I should like that thought, but I realized it's true.  The instant I saw the bouquet, I loved it, and it was because it had every single color vying for my attention.  I loved the variety and the backyard garden look it had.  Mostly, I loved that it looked like a bouquet my children would pick for me.  It's crazy, chaotic, and absolutely stunning, just like my life.  I love having all the kids back in one place today.  It feels like these flowers, and it feels like home.

I also got to get up at 5 this morning to pick up my daddio fromt he airport.  I always miss him and my mom, but it doesn't quite sink in how much I've missed them till they are here.  It's like a completed flower arrangement when they are here.  It just feels right.  My brother and his wife brought dad and my little niece over, and we had a BBQ.  I love our crazy family, and I can't wait till mom arrives in a few weeks!  

Emma running to get in on the kodak moments.

My dad gave me a strange hat

You can't see me....

He will not ever get burned.

Poor man's S'more

Ingredients:  Marshmallow, chocolate chips smooshed in.  (i love that my brother has cracked fingers like me)

Two of my favorite guys

This is what true love is.

scary marshmallow fingers!

You'll poke your eye out!

Cards game

Beautiful mommy and daughter

She must ALWAYS have food on her face,  Even if I wiped it 3 seconds ago.

Because how can one pass this with a camera and not make a photo?

windchime from my grandma, ribbons from the maypole

Idyllic day

Bubble sword in all its glory

I... love... my...mommy....

Mom's on the phone with dad

Does your dog eat cleavers?  Maybe he thinks he's a cow.

Crown of Cleavers, made by his brother.  such love.

Aunt AAAnnggie!

Yes, we love you, no you may not come out.

Back home

Mom's Foxgloves, growing in the blueberry patch

Asleep the whole time, she has awoken!

Happy Endings

Waffles for Breakfast--Try our Everyday Recipe!

Nearly every morning, I make waffles or pancakes for breakfast.  I cannot remember recipes unless I have done them at least 300 times, so I know I make this a lot.  I have it memorized.  It's yummy, affordable, and halfway healthy.   We freeze or just shelf the extra waffles, so I only have to make waffles every other day.  That is of course unless we have guests!  They are in heaven having waffles for breakfast, which is always a nice boost for me, considering my kids currently find waffles as normal as toast.  The recipe is so easy, the big kids make the waffles for me sometimes.

We love the recipe.  No one complains about it, and we use wholesome ingredients..unbleached organic flour and, currently, oat flour a friend ground for me.  We use non-GMO canola oil, though I've used olive oil.  We top it with organic no-salt peanut butter that comes in a 3 gallon bucket from Azure Standard, and maple syrup from Costco.  The eggs are from our pasture raised chickens, and milk from Joy, our goat.  The baking powder is from Costco.  Try them out!

Our Favorite Waffles

3.5 c flour
1/2 c oil
4 eggs
3.5 c milk.

Mix.  waffleize for 4 minutes, or whatever works with your waffle iron.  spread with peanut butter and drizzle with syrup.  be full for a long time.  :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Urban Crochet and Bird Rescuing!

Mr Moon!
I certainly didn't expect the day to go as it did today, but I love surprises.  I got up and milked the goat, took a photo of the milk, thinking it looked like Mr. Moon in the night sky.
Gum in the hair!

Cruising the strip

Then I did chores, like budgeting (grrr) and dishes, laundry and feeding kids, and wondered what to do next.  There's a great little street fair in our town after the 4th of July, so I called a friend and we took our kids to wear them out and see what there was to see.  The end goal was free ice cream with gift certificates, so anything free was gold.  Some treasures the kids found for free at booths were: bubbles, York peppermint patties, antibacterial spray (ouch in the eyes!), toothpaste and toothbrushes, Froot Loop necklaces and rocks to paint, and even a bouncy house.  I love our town!

Froot Loop jewelry

We had enjoyed our time at the street fair with all of our free things when we came upon this creation... Urban Crochet!  Our city is apparently very trendy and cosmopolitan now, because urban crochet is all the rage in the city.  Well, I think it is.  I see other people's blog photos of it!Someone had decided to crochet a cozy for the bike rack.  The kids thought it was comfy.
Wrapped Bike Rack

The kids freed some flowers from their bondage to the bush.

Always a rainbow

4th of July still on the brain

Suspended animation

The finer things in life, like toothpaste and painted rocks


bubblegum to admire

watching the hooping


How sweet it is!

The remainders of the kid cone

At aunty Josie's---the flower bandit

Then we made our way on the trail back to the ice cream place and the day was complete.... that is until we got home!

 Levi had to try out his new bubble wand.

bubbles at home

Then he noticed our dog, Koa, playing with a little woodpecker.  Oh dear!  We saved him from Koa, but he was pretty wet and missing most of his tail feathers.  His little foot was bruised.  I'm not sure if he made it, but we tried our best and I got some photos to boot.  Then of course, we washed our hands well. Now the day was complete.  

looks a little "to kill a mockingbird"-esque.  Except it's a poor little  woodpecker.

wet from doggy slobber

hanging on for dear life