Friday, August 5, 2011

How I Make a Hank of Yarn out of a Skein

I had to make a hank of the silk yarn I spun this year, so I could turn it in at the fair.  It ended up winning first place.  Yay! Here's my way of winding it, since I didn't have any thing fancy.  I put a folding chair upside down on a stool.  I put two beaters in the end of my spinning wheel bobbin, then i wound the yarn diagonally around two legs of the chair.  Be sure to tie your beginning yarn in a bow around one chair leg, so you can undo it later.

My awesome bobbin contraption

the whole setup

When I was done, I tied the beginning yarn to the end yarn, but first I cut off four lengths as follows.  

Once I had finished winding the yarn around, I broke off four 9 inch lengths of the yarn.  

I used these to secure the wound yarn in place.  I wove it under, over and under.  

I held the top thread

then i wrapped the top thread around the top section of yarn, and back through, so that three sections  of  yarn were totally wrapped, in a figure eight that has 3 bumps.  

Once I got to the bottom, i tied the two loose ends in a bow.

Did the same on the other side. 

The folding chair made it easy to loosen, so i could turn the skein to the other side, so i could secure two more spots.   You secure four spots on the skein all together with the 3 bump figure eight.

All four sections are secure,  I tied the beginning and end of the skein yarn together in a bow.  

Then i took it off the chair


Close up of figure eight

Here's how you make the pretty hanks you see in the yarn shops.  Pull taut.

Twist opposite directions.

Twist till it wants to fold back on itself

Take your thumb and facilitate the folding back on itself.

It will naturally twist

You tuck one loose end inside the other

Instant replay

Instant replay again

See how the loop from one hand is pulled through the loop that was around the other hand?

Voila!  Fair Ready!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun to Eat, Fun to Pick!

Perfect Blueberry
We have a tradition.  Every year, several times a year, we get together with my oldest friend, Jeanette, to pick berries.  Usually it's strawberries and blueberries.  We've done it so many times, we even have a little song we sing, "Fun to eat, fun to pick, eat too many you might get sick, blueberries!"  I love that I have a friend who's known me since I  was a preteen, and that has the similar background of having grown up in the paradise that is Hawaii. Also, I love just getting out and enjoying the bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

bird flies away

My little calabash nephews

My friend Josie, finding something photogenic

We taught her which color to pick, so she went back over her bucket...

Auntie Jeanette!

rare sight!

Honey Stick Bliss