Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roy and His Men

Almost a year ago, I was asked to be a second shooter with my friend Josie at Roy and Shawna's wedding.  My job was mainly to get shots of the groomsmen and all the guests, to do wide angle shots of the whole affair, and do try to catch lots of shots to fill in any blanks Josie might have.  I ended up getting some images of the garter and bouquet tosses, the kiss, and all that other fun stuff too.  I love weddings, but I really love getting to help take pictures at them!  Here are some of my favorite photos of Roy and his men.  They were good sports.  I had all kinds of ideas for them to try, and they humored me.

the flying "V" formation

the relaxed, nonchalant look.

if they were a band, this could be their album cover
love the reflection in these shades

this door frame was beautiful.  I had to try to use it.

Shauna sent a little bear for Roy with one of her bridesmaids...he was carrying something special!

Contemplating the manliness of holding a teddy bear before a wedding.

Caught the eyebrow lift!

The deck of cards shot.  they were all fanned out like a deck of cards spread across a table, Roy in front.

Yes, they do have eyes!

First day of the best years of his life!

preparing to go for that famous Beatles shot

and this beautiful car happens to drive up

trying to make the "Abbey Road" album cover before they got run over.  Didn't quite get it, but it was fun to try.  I need a step ladder!


All for one....

Ready to seize the day!

Nice shoes!

I love this old building.  It was at the Marysville Opera House.

This is Roy's dad.  He's got a great sense of humor and he distracted me from my nerves as I waited to do the groomsmen shoot.

Roy's dad and some groomsmen visiting.
Tying the shoe...almost time to walk up on that stage and wait for his beautiful bride!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the Company of Miss Moth

A few days ago, we noticed Koa, our dog, snapping at the sliding glass door late in the evening.  I thought he was attacking his reflection, but it was just a moth.  Well, not just a moth, a really beautiful and fuzzy moth.  We opened the door to try to shoo her away, because the girls were afraid Koa would scare her, and then she flew right inside.

So instead of saving her right then, Miss Moth kept us company for a few minutes.  We remarked about how beautiful she was, and how delicate her wings were.  Saraiah noticed how sticky her feet were, and marveled that she could cling to anything.  We looked at how fuzzy she was, and at what large eyes she had, so she could see well in the darkness. We really enjoyed having nature come inside when the weather was too yucky to venture out.  It's always good to have a reminder of the wonder that exists in even the littlest creatures of creation.  When we were done blasting her sensitive eyes with the flash, we carefully put her out on the porch to go back to her family.  By the next morning, she was gone.    Do you know what kind of moth she is?

having a chat

she's a little CLOSE to me, mom!

cute faces!

goodbye, miss moth!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Julie's Surprise

My friend Julie wanted a special present for her husband for their upcoming anniversary.  She had mentioned to me last time I was there that she would love to get some photos of her girls with their new cows.  So, I came over one afternoon, ostensibly for a photo shoot of the animals, and instead did a lovely surprise photo shoot of Julie and her sweet little girls.  Here are some of my favorite photos.

impromptu dance party USA


look at their amazing eyes!

of course she is showing her kids plants, being a botanist and all.... :)

such a patient mama

OOOOOOhhhh, Tom the rabbit....

is this a bad egg?


one of their places they love to sit in the barn

yes, the shoot is nearly done.

mama's little girl is growing up.  

wish I had feet as straight and perfect as hers!

looking out to where the grumpy bull is safely locked in a different pen.

farm girls

the egg basket

just a moment in the life of Julie's sweet family