Friday, November 4, 2011

Slo'w and the Apples

It's fun to learn new words.  Yesterday my friend Julie taught me one in Barbareno Chumash.  That's the language of the Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation, of which she is a member.  Julie and her daughter came along with me to my friend Martha's home to pick some beautiful Spartan apples she had to spare.

When we had been there just a few minutes, we heard the telltale call of a bald eagle.  We looked around and he was at the top of a tree right across the street!  He stayed there for most of the time as we enjoyed the cold crunch of those fresh apples and laughed when they bounced where they shouldn't.

The eagle's name is the word she taught me: "slo'w."  It looks like the word "slow," but is pronounced differently.  I liked saying his name in an indigenous tongue.  It made me feel like the eagle was an old friend.  The Chumash nickname for eagle in their stories is "Hawks' uncle."  He kind of felt like a friendly old uncle sitting up in that tree just hanging out.

These apples were spectacular.  Martha said that Spartans were the precursor to the commercial variety Red Delicious.  They were infinitely better than Red Delicious apples, however.  

Saraiah and her buddy with the apple picker

An unassuming tree, just loaded with apples.

Maia tries to pose too.

The girls were NOT happy to leave this lovely place.

Back home.  Because you can see through colanders, and that is cool.

These dahlias are even lovely from the back.

Isaac's creepy moustached pumpkin bids us farewell with a fly in his eye.

Roy and Shawna's Wedding Favorites

 It's been about a month since Roy and Shawna's wedding, and we're just wrapping up the editing.  I was second shooter for my friend Josie and my daughter Eva was our assistant.  My job was to do photos of the groomsmen, to get photos of the guests and little details and just to generally help by being pointing another eye on all the events.  It was 6 hours of fun, and I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it.  Roy and Shawna are a beautiful couple with family and friends who clearly love them bunches.  Here are some of my most favorite photos.

Adorable cake topper

Beautiful decorations
elegant venue
great favors

Dad giving bride away

This was a well documented wedding.  The audience was glowing with blue LCD screens

The kiss 
sneak in another kiss on the way out...
I snuck a shot of the maids with the couple as I held a reflector
The groomsmen were an entertaining bunch
Cool looking fake ice cube 

Father daughter dance

First dance as a married couple


Line dance

Cool ghosting effect

Ready for garter toss

guys waiting for garter

And caught, with just one hand!

Bouquet toss

checking to see who caught it

Cake cutting

Karaoke of course, since they own a karaoke business

more dancing

gotta lose the shoes

flower girl basket


Off into life

Roy and Shawna, happily ever after