Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aloha Oe

This is the moon on our last evening in Hawai'i.  

Our last day in Hawai'i was marked by delicious foods, a day at the beach and then the most perfect sunset at Kaena Point, which is at the end of Farrington Highway on the Waianae Coast.  There used to be a road that wrapped around the point and took travelers to the North Shore, but it was washed out in Hurricane 'Iwa (named after the Hawaiian frigate bird whose name means "thief" when  I was a child.  The beach is known as "yokes" or "Yokohama" beach and boasts the most beautiful sunsets on the island.  We were racing the light to get there to see the sunset, and we made it.  I felt terrible because we exploded onto the beach at sunset right next to a couple trying to enjoy a romantic sunset watching time.  I guess that night we were "those" annoying tourists who go take pictures of a sunset, then leave.  But I'm still glad we went.  A trip to Makaha is not complete without watching the sunset at Kaena point.

We went and had breakfast with my parents at Hannara Restaurant, the best food I ate all trip. 
Kim Chee!

Portuguese sausage, eggs and fried rice


Hannara is right between Waianae mall and the Seventh Day Adventist Church
Sunset at Makua Valley.  The US military practiced bombing here. It's still barricaded by chain link fences topped with razor wire.  It's probably one of the most beautiful valleys on the island, but the only way you can really get to enjoy it is by hiking the ridge above it.  I did that in high school.  

Racing the sun

Aloha Oe

mom and dad
me and my guy
trying to get a family picture

That's the best we got! 
This was just after the sun dipped below the water
Looking back up the coast toward Makaha

Makaha Beach

Breakfast before the plane.  Chili and Rice at Zippy's

Going home


  1. THe last picture, is awesome. Now that is the way to fly with a youngster!


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