Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carol's Beach

Eva's footsteps st turtle beach (a different beach from Carol's)
I've known Carol since I was in high school.  She is a retired and well travelled librarian, and used to go to the church my dad pastored back then.  Recently, we've missed each other whenever I'm in Hawaii, but this time she was in town.  She invited us to check out the beach across the road from her home in Nanakuli.  We loved it so much, we went twice, once with my mom before work, enjoying donuts from Mike's Bake Shop down the road, and the next time as a family just before we left for Washington.  

It's a simple beach park with just  a parking lot and a retaining wall, but it's one of my favorites.  The surf is a little crazy at this time of year and there's jagged reef, so it's not a great place to swim, except at low tide, but it has a secret.  It's the best place we've found to look for beach glass on the coast.  Because the little beach is somewhat protected by its reef, the big waves polish the glass at high tide, then leave it to sparkle in the sun until the next high tide.  It's hard to find large shells at other beaches because the waves usually pummel them into sand in no time, but here we found a whole poisonous cone shell.  We didn't bring that home because they're dangerous and it was still alive, but we did discover a few tiny and empty Cowrie shells and lots of beach glass.  The beach glass was the biggest treasure because Eva made it into pendants when we got home, sold them and also gave them away as gifts.  Enjoy a little visit to Carol's beach.  And maybe if you're ever in Waianae, you'll find it and enjoy it as much as we did.  

Special coral and kukui nut treasures that the girls and previous condo renters found
Red ginger outside our condo, with little black stink bugs as we used to call them.  They look like little round black ladybugs with orange eyes and they make your hands stink when you hold them.
The view from Carol's beach.  On the far right you can see Ko Olina, the place where the Disney Aulani Resort is.
Beach Morning glory
There were lots of sea urchin or "wana" shells

A little tide pool.  I would love to come here in the summer and at low tide and explore with some reef shoes.
Eva's finds.  The cigarette shaped thing is a pencil urchin spine, I think
My bare feet
look at all the treasures!
Maia's cute feeties
soaking up the rays 
A fisherman
Most perfect picture EVER of my children.  This still is totally amazing to me.  I didn't switch heads or photoshop anything in or out.  I think the reason was the bribe of a trip to the Aulani beach and the prospect of eating donuts on the way.
Levi the photographer

That was an interesting piece of coral or something
beach glass and a piece of blue rubber

Two fishermen, braving the waves to try to get a catch.
They were taking turns with a net they would throw.  The guy on the left has it here.

So far, this was all they had caught.
Maia appreciates the beach

Me and my man
Back at grandma Marcia's:  the girls were having tea

Down at Turtle beach, where grandma Diane was staying

A seed pod 
Maia's hands in the evening
Sunset at Mauna Lahilahi

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