Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas In a Nutshell

Brandon's Grandma Vi, her daughter Debbie on the right, and daughter in law, Carla, on the left

I'm so thankful for this extended family I have here in Washington.  They've adopted me, even if I'm not related by blood to any of them.  Brandon's grandma Vi tells me how much she loves me every time I give her a hug.  Brandon's parents, both sets of grandparents, and the majority of his aunts and uncles all live right around us, so we have regular family get togethers, like the annual family Christmas.

I remember how special it was to me as a child that my grandparents would fly from Indiana to stay with us for several months of each year, taking the time to get to be local grandparents.  My kids are extra blessed to have grandparents all year, with some treasured extended visits from their Hawaii grandparents as well.

My brother, his wife and their little girl live just 20 minutes away.  They make the point to regularly bring their little girl to see "Sai Sai, Mai Mai" and all the other cousins.  I remember fearing I'd never live near any blood relatives if I moved here, but I was wrong.  Not only does my little bro live here, but this family is blood to me, because I've been adopted as one of their own!

My sister of the heart, Josie, being joyous over caramel popcorn and a random toy.
Josie's girl and my little doggy niece, named Tiki.  

I love and admire these two ladies!
Yes, this is indeed an automobile.

Tiki.  Can you tell I love her?  I can't stop taking pictures of her, she's so adorable!

Grandma Vi enjoyed holding Tiki

Something hilarious is pretty normal.

Maia needed to paint her present from the family Christmas immediately.  She is SO careful with everything she does, I think she may become a surgeon or something.

Maia EYES!
Emma brought niece-y poo to come have breakfast and Christmas morning with us.
waiting to come up and open stockings!
Concentrating on his new ipod at Grandma's later in the day.
Cousin got something electronic too.

Eva helps grandma pass out presents
Brandon's brother having a little Christmas siesta.  I think I woke him up...

Levi the present.

Zoe, my other niece-dog.  SUPER adorable.
Maia is enthralled with her present from grandma and grandpa.

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