Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Color and Monochrome

It's been eye candy for the past few days with all the snow we've been able to enjoy.  Indoors is a riot of color and outdoors is a monochromatic wonderland.  I feel like I'm experiencing an odd version of the Wizard of Oz movie every time I step out the door.  As we all remember, the Wizard of Oz opens in sepia tones, turning into a technicolor marvel when Dorothy arrives in Munchkin land.  Here, I step from my own munchkin land into a surreal world nearly devoid of color. 

Today the little girls spent a lot of time outdoors.  Upon returning indoors, they were going insane climbing on the furniture and making random cranky noises, so we decided to make snowflakes.  I washed down the windows so I wouldn't be sad every time I saw their sorry state when bedecked with snowflakes.  Next, we commenced to create.  I pulled out the beautiful construction paper we haven't yet used this year and we made multicolored flakes.  We were given a big carousel of fancy scissors that cut different patterns, so that made the flakes extra special.  We even managed to convince levi and his buddy to make a few. 

The remnants of our colorful blizzard of activity
I had so much fun doing these with the girls, I was beginning to think I should make a Hawaiian quilt block  They are made with applique, using a similar repeating design.  Thankfully, I got over that moment of inspiration and made more snowflakes instead.  Saraiah's is the third one down.  

The red ones were made by the boys, the little ones, rectangular ones and the multicolored one by Saraiah, and the green one is Maia's paper that she glued to the window when I was not looking.  I had given her a glue stick and told her she could glue all the pieces we kept cutting out onto her paper.  She took it one step farther.  That's Maia for you.

Maia begins to figure out how scissors work.
Earlier today, I went outside. 
 I felt like I was standing in a light box or something.  For a photographer, the light outdoors is a dream.  Everything is lit perfectly, with the clarity of pure white light.  I decided to give myself an assignment, taking pictures mainly of interesting things popping through the snow cover. 

grass near the barn
Alder leaf
Willow leaf
A Levi boy.  (popping out of some trees)
Some alder cones hanging from the fence (yes, I digressed from my assignment)

Some swamp grass
leaf of unknown origin

swamp grass

I think this is some cat's ear weed from last year.  

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