Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dancing with the stars

Saraiah took a beginning dance and acro class for this year's fall and winter term, which culminated in a dance recital at our local performing arts center.   I knew she needed to try out dance because she, like Angelina Ballerina, can't stop dancing and doing her little moves.  What I wasn't prepared for was the how seriously other people take these classes, or for how provocative some of the other classes' dances and dance costumes are.  I soon realized this was probably something we'd try once and move on.  We also found that many of her fellow classmates were taking 3 or more classes besides her own.  Thus, their skill level was much higher, with Saraiah mainly not taking notice.  She loved going every week and buzzed with joy at a chance to spend an evening with her favorite cousin who was also in the class.

After a while she began to realize she was the only one who couldn't do a cartwheel, and began to feel badly about her skills. This class was meant to bolster her confidence, not crush it, so I knew something had to be done.  We decided to have "family stretch night" and "cartwheel classes."  No, I was not the teacher, because I have not a clue how to do a cartwheel.  I still can't!  Instead, Saraiah taught everyone in the family how to do her stretches and, most importantly, the cartwheel.  She realized she had more skill than everyone in the family, except her dad, who can, amazingly, still do a cartwheel and do a hand stand.  In the process, she figured out how to turn a beginner's cartwheel.  This came right before the performance.  I couldn't have been prouder.

Waiting her turn at rehearsal
Our doublemint girls: Saraiah is behind her cousin
They danced and did acro to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas." 
feeling a little giggly!
Her performance was nearly at the end of a VERY long program.  She was cranky and starving.  But I found, if you give a little girl a cookie, she'll cheer up and lose her major blood sugar crash!
look at the flexibility of some of these girls!  Saraiah is the second from the left standing.
Someone dumped ALL the fake snow from above the stage on all the girls!
Saraiah is NOT pleased with the fake snow covering her.  It was made of little tiny shredded bits of itchy plastic.  I don't blame her!
SAVE me from the fake snow!

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