Sunday, January 15, 2012

How much snow God wants . . .

Brandon's bamboo

This morning, Saraiah looked out at the snow and said, "I prayed for God to make it snow, but just how much snow He wants.  I like it."  It snowed about 1/4 of an inch, which was just enough to do some sledding, make some tiny snowballs, stomp a few snowprints into the snow and then head back indoors.  When we came back inside she said, "Now I prayed for enough snow for a snowman."  I'm hoping for some snowman snow too!

just a cup full of snow...

the cottonwood and the little girl

a neighbor heads over for some sledding

our home 
I decided that the snow on the rock wall was safe to eat.  I don't think anyone pees on it....

Koa gets a taste too

some birdies were here

we frightened some duckies

swamp grass

the garden fence

cleavers seeds, hanging on, even through winter

Natasha surveys her domain

just a cute widdle goatie!

moon a few nights ago

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