Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 35mm 1.8

Beach Naupaka.  The legend is that there were two lovers, a princess and a commoner, and that they prayed to be together, but that it never was possible.  She was named Naupaka, and stayed in the mountains, and he by the sea.  The Naupaka that blooms in the mountains bears the same half flower as the beach Naupaka.  It is said that when you put a half flower from the beach Naupaka together with the flower from the mountain Naupaka, the lovers are reunited.

For my birthday, and because I had earned some extra cash from taking pictures for people. I was able to purchase an AF-S DX Nikkor 35millimeter f/1.8G fixed focal length lens for my camera!  I was so excited to see what a low, wide open aperture like that would do for my photography.  I knew having a lens wide open makes a very shallow depth of field. causing much of the background to fall out of focus, emphasizing whatever your subject is.

I was taking pictures for the first half of the day with my regular 18-55 zoom lens that came with my Nikon D5000.  The first image made with my new lens is the one of my husband, Brandon in the camera store.  You'll see the difference that a wide open aperture makes in the photos that follow that one.  Hawaii is a tough place to use a low aperture though, because it's always so bright!  I had to set the ISO to one of the lowest settings my camera has: Lo200 for many of the full daylight photos.  But the results were so great.  I fell in love with this lens and how it made me move and be more thoughtful of the photos I make.

Bee on unknown Waikiki flower

car door handle view!

yellow hibiscus

Makaha Valley

Maia's new ring (actually a toe ring)

Dragon Fruit

Banyan at International Market place.  Right around here was Ainahau, Hawai'i's princess Ka'iulani's estate.  A Sheraton  hotel now sits where the estate was.


not happy with Waikiki

happy to eat

camera store

first shallow depth of field shot in the parking garage

poinsettia can grow year round here

Naupaka repurposed



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE I think I liked Mia's big blue eyes the best, but really, I love them all!


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