Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Peacock Walk on Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving morning, I talked my mom, dad and eldest daughter into going on a walk with me up to the water tower in Makaha valley.  It's a walk we did often as kids.  We called it the peacock walk because there were always peacocks up there.  Here are some photos from the drought tolerant plants and views we saw on the walk.  Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of peacocks.  They've moved in closer to the people's residences for some easy snacking.  (no, they don't eat the people, just their leavings!) After that, you will see the most delicious breakfast we had, followed by a few photos from our special big family thanksgiving right by the beach.  It was a very special and memorable time.
Morning light

A cotton plant.  The cotton was dropping on the ground, so I picked some from the bush to save to dye with red dirt later.

Mom and dad looking for the wild goats in the mountains.  We could hear them.  It made me miss our goaties, who were miserable while we were gone.  Their barn had flooded with 6 inches of water and they had to be rescued!  

Mom, Eva and Dad up by the water tower at the top of the peacock walk.

A view of upper Makaha Valley

Haole Koa bushes.  Apparently the bean pods are edible.  I didn't know until I got home and read about it.

Kiawe tree, I think.

Sorry, no zoom lens.  Couldn't actually see the goats, but this is where they live, on this crumbling mountain from which people occasionally have to be rescued by helicopter.

They look like they are just walking along....
Cactus in flower


Spider Lily

Absolutely beautifully delicious papaya for breakfast.

She loves papaya too!
My sister and brother in law at Thanksgiving dinner at the condos my in laws were staying in.  
Loving her new Hello Kitty necklace
turtle beach.  It was here that I swam with a green sea turtle, honu, for the first time in my life
Aunt Debbie, who made the long journey out of St. Paul, Alaska where she was working,  meeting up with her husband, then flying down to Hawai'i.
The entire clan!
skim boarding into the surf
croton plant leaf looks like a dinosaur foot
Teeny little crabby patty.

Ouch...sea urchin washed up from the reef by the high surf.  Dad in law returned it.

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