Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowed in

Koa was so tired from playing in the snow, his rear leg just dragged behind him when I called him for his food after this picture.  It's going to be hard when he gets old and that's normal.  For now, I'm happy he played so hard he was sore.

We've had a solid six days of being snowed in at our house.  We're on a hill and traded in our 4 wheel drive truck for a fuel efficient Prius a few years ago, so we had no chance of leaving except for hitching a ride.  I don't know the last time I've been home this long, except maybe after childbirth.  Whenever I have had a baby, I let Brandon drive for the first two weeks and enjoy my break.  I think it'll be just as weird to drive again as it is when I'm first behind a wheel after a kid is born, and it will be really weird to actually go somewhere.  I kind of like the Little House on the Prairie feel of being snowed in.  Today, however, I ran out of flour.  Last night we used the last of the chocolate chips, and the coffee is on its way out.  It's melting today, and, like ending a play date before the kids begin to maul each other, I think it's good timing.  But oh dear, was it wonderful.  I love to be home.    

the girls and their tolerant doggy

A friend gave us the idea of making paper airplanes to pass the time.  Of course the girls had to dress theirs up with color.  

The pile of mending I was saving for a snow day.  5 days in, I began to tackle it.  I've fixed four things, and all have been used, so I guess it was good.  One thing that was fixed too late were the shoes that are now a toe to short for Maia's feet!

The thaw is beginning

I think this is a song sparrow.

Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush

Song sparrow, I think.  All puffed.  See the dirt on his beak?  I had to startle him out of the dirt next to my house to get him to fly up where I could get a good shot. He was having some nice snacks, I think.


I really wish I knew mushrooms and lichens and fungi.  I don't know what this is.

little birdie fetching food from the slightly frozen creek.

Cinnamon is not impressed with the snow.

Brandon's bamboo doesn't mind the chill.
Our neighbor girl was inspired to build this fort.  They packed snow into a plastic drawer.  She told Maia it was her castle!

Enjoying the last of the snow.


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