Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowman Snow

Yesterday, Saraiah specifically prayed for snowman snow, and yep, she received a favorable answer to her prayer!  Just to prove it, she went outside as soon as she got up and built a tiny snowman to fill her hands.  This was harder than you'd think.  The snow wasn't very sticky, so she had to pack it all together.  Once everyone was ready, we went outside with the neighbors and set about building a full size snowman.  I think it took us a solid hour!  

We were having competitions to see who could roll the biggest snowball.  The neighbor boy said, "get on your phone so we can get ahead!"  I thought that was a pretty good strategy, but I wasn't falling for it.  We kept rolling and the neighbor boy kept his snowball for his own after all his hard work.  We had developed a technique and made our lovely little snowman.  Maia liked him so much she took a nip out of his nose!  

A few hours later, my brother, his wife and their daughter braved a trip out to visit us for some sledding and snowman building.  I love how snow brings families and neighborhoods together.  I also love that my daughter got a special gift from God today, as did the rest of us.

The trusty cell phone comes in handy as a camera as the two girls pose with frosty.

You can tell that carrots are not a mere decoration to this child.
The cottonwood
teeny little super-snowman-guy
Eva and her friend having a neighborly snow fight

the result
Koa, our sentry
Brandon got his dad's lawnmower, took off the blades and used it for a sled puller!
Emma, chillin'
 sweet niece

Emma gets a free ride 

Danny, taking a break
The trees around mom and dad's pond


Dad and Mom's Pond

I saw this and new it needed a picture.  When I came back with my camera, the leaf was still waiting.  Hello leaf!

Auntie Em

Not only do i love my snowman,  he is also yummy!

niece is distracted by the delicious snowman

I froze my fingers getting those rocks out of the pond!

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