Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday on our tiny farm

Here's poor marnie, our little alpaca who's kind of long in the tooth.  I think we may be having her teeth filed this summer.

Today is Sunday.  Instead of going to church, we decided to stay home and have a family day with Brandon.  I read the 23rd and 24th Psalm to the kids and we proceeded to enjoy the day.  It was mainly relaxed, with the girls helping daddy with a project, me doing some work on the computer and around the house, then doing some errands alone while the kids and Brandon hung out at Grandma and Grandpas doing puzzles, eating snacks and watching some shows.

Saraiah made tiny creatures out of the vinyl scraps

I had a photo shoot that ended up being rained out, so when I came home from errands, it was laundry and then time to do animal chores with Maia.  We chased the dairy goat around with the buck rag (a rag that has been rubbed on a very stinky male goat) and found instead that two other does were in heat and having a tizzy over it and the dairy goat could care less.  I took some pictures outside then went in to make some food and spend time with the kids.  The last sounds I heard from the kids in their room was giggling because they had made some pvc pipe into a loudspeaker.  It was a good day.  Thank you God for this day, these beautiful children, this sensitive, super handsome and mightily caring husband, the good food we have to eat, our goofy animals, and the way You take care of all of us.

The rhododendron outside our front door
Rainy day
Pearl, our fearless hunter-cat
Pearl steps lightly on the trampoline

Christmas lights still up

There is so much life, just on this one branch!  As I was driving up our hill, I was struck with how the whole woods had a greenish cast to it, especially the bare branches, which were actually teeming with living lichen and mosses

Maia loved touching the moss

natasha is wary
the crazy dairy goat who does NOT want a man goat.   
not wanting her picture taken
The goat who DOES want a friendly male goat around
hey goaties!
Like father, like son: favorite place is having a computer nearby.  

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