Monday, January 9, 2012

A taste of Christmas

Mom's little German Erzgebirge village.  I think some pieces came from her mom.

On Thanksgiving evening we did a special thing.  The girls and I helped my mom decorate her house for Christmas.  I'm not sure the last time I got to do that.  Maybe it was when I was in college.  It was precious to see my girls carefully unpack the decorations I used to handle each year of my childhood, Many of them were things my mother had even helped her mother decorate with as a child.  


Noah is watching over the plastic box


A box from dad and mom's alma mater, Ball State University

Maia reaches
My aunt made this a long time ago.  If this were in my current household, I think it would be destroyed.

From when mom and dad were first married

Eva decorates

Energizer bunny

Very old ornament from mom's mom

Mom with angel ornament from when she was a girl

Saraiah discovers treasure

grandma and the girls

 These are some bonus shots from Grandma's house.  

The obligatory Mancala game with a little shell substituting a missing bead.

Grandma's box of crayons
My birthday cake (earlier that week) It is SOO pretty.
This is a remake of a photo we did when she was just one.  My sunshiny princess.

little sis,  always admiring and learning

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