Friday, January 13, 2012

Wai'anae Christmas Parade and Menehune Surf Match

Your day is bound to be lovely if you get to wake up to these delicious avocados for breakfast.  They were given to us by my friend Claire, who was one of my dearest friends from 8th through 12th grade and still holds an important place in my heart.  Her family has an avocado tree in their back yard in Mililani that's two stories tall.  These avocados were twice as heavy as a Hass from the grocery store.  They were about a thousand times tastier too.

On our last Saturday in Hawai'i we decided to stay in Makaha.  It is hard to drive the 45 minutes or more it takes to get off the coast into Honolulu and other places, especially with 5 bickering children in the car.  Anyway, we like Makaha best.  It was the perfect day.  It started with the Wai'anae Christmas parade, longest parade ever invented, with most candy ever given out.  The kids loved it.  We went last year and I saw people I knew there, but this year I knew no one.  I guess we have lived in the mainland for 13 years.  That would account for it.  After that, we took a quick stop at 7-11 to pick up some Spam musubi for lunch.  We snarfed those down and parked at Makaha Surfing beach to check out the 2011 Rell Sun Menehune Surfing Match that was in progress.  As a kid, we never really watched the surfing matches, but I thought it would be fun for our kids to see, especially because some scenes from the movie Soul Surfer were filmed there.  The day closed with quiet time at grandma and grandpa's house and a beautiful sunset.
doing the morning programming

The spoils of the shell and beach glass collecting day

my huarache saved my foot from some owies
the thorn from the shoe

waiting for the parade just outside the public multi purpose buildings where my parents' church met
ok, tired of waiting
grandma and grandpa wait too

I'm impressed with the volume of floats this parade has.  I was really shocked when I moved to Washington that logging trucks and tractors took precedence in the parades.  
I think these girls were from the intermediate (middle) school

One float had replicas of all the main buildings in Wai'anae.  The white one is the Wai'anae Protestant church that is over 100 years old.  My dad did our wedding ceremony there.  
of course they had the new Jack in the Box that was being built : soon...ish!

big bro
Gotta have the obligatory showcasing of rims, speakers, flat screen tvs and hydraulic doors.
U.S. and Hawaiian flag merge a little.  U.S. colonialism in Hawai'i has a frustrating and enraging story, but the people of Hawai'i are resilient and have their culture well in tact.

Ma'o organic farms, a local CSA, gave out these palm frond flowers and fishies instead of candy.  Last year they gave out mustard seed, which I grew in my garden!

Makaha Beach, site of the 2011 Rell Sun Menehune Surf Match, a surfing competition for kids. 

A young surfer participates in the surf match

Alexander palm, the view from our stairwell

Alexander Palm fruit
my big green eyed boy
I wish i made this!  This is down at Turtle Beach that evening.
God light.
asking to be buried 
Super duper serious 'kine God light


good night.


  1. These are so lovely! We lived in Mililani for 6 months between Saudi Arabia and Maryland. Beautiful.

  2. I think Mililani would be a great place to live. My parents go to church there. Also, I thought you meant at first that you lived between streets called Saudi Arabia and Maryland, but I think you actually lived in those places! Wow!

  3. I love the sand turtle! Thanks for sharing the pictures from your wonderful vacation. It looks like you guys had a great time.

  4. Hi,

    I've been looking for blog posts about Oahu to feature on our site. If you're interested, you can drop me a line at Kate (at) Dwellable (.com)



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