Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where I come from

Our family tree, made by one of my brothers.  I found this while snooping around my parents' house on our visit, and had to take a picture.  I don't have this detailed of a record anywhere.  

I am still looking through our photos from the trip to Hawaii we made over Thanksgiving.  As I was there, I took pictures of things that brought back memories of growing up there.  I share them with you here. It's fun to think back on the places, times, people and events that helped shape me into the person I am today.  I wonder what you might take pictures if you were to return to where you grew up....

This is the kitchen.  My mom always made our birthday cakes and  she made me one this visit.
May Day is lei day in Hawai'i.  I remember making leis for May day out of plumeria with the long lei needle.

This plant is called Wedelia.  It's everywhere as a groundcover.  You can't really take a shortcut through it barefoot because the bees love the flowers, and you will probably get a little bite.  You can usually find a gecko or other lizard in them if you're quick and quiet.  Sometimes they lose their tails to get away and you have to start again.  You might find a cockroach or two also.
This is the path to the pool.  The perk about growing up in condos is that you get things like a pool and a tennis court without being filthy rich!  My brothers and I spent lots of time there in the summer meeting people on vacation and  seeing who could swim the length of the pool without breathing.  I remember planting watermelon seeds in the dirt next to a building near this path, hoping to grow a secret garden.
That's the condo I grew up in.  I made the little label for the doorbell when I was  ten or something.
This is a collage of my church family growing up.  My parents poured everything into these beautiful people, who gave even more back.  There were painful times, but I learned so much being in this community, I wouldn't trade it.
This was the grocery store that was in my mom's family in Indiana.
My parents planted and grew this church, and then quietly left the ministry a few years ago.   Dad and mom are the humblest and best example of Christ's love I can think of.
I love this valley

There's Mt. Ka'ala, highest point on O'ahu, right near where I grew up.
This is a storm drain.  We used to watch the water raging in here after a big tropical rainstorm.  I'd imagine riding the water to where ever it met the sea.

A  view of the condos as seen reflected in the window of our rental car.

Even a new Jack in the Box opens on Hawaiian time.  I still run on Hawaiian time.

In the wintertime, there are huge waterfalls in these mountains after a rainstorm

I remember hiding from the security guards under the buildings.  For some reason, people were against hearing kids play outside, so we could play without any problem under the houses.  It was about 4 feet high under there, so it was like a whole extra floor to us, but with dirt on the ground!   It was this drawn out game of good guy bad guy that lasted all our childhood, until they barricaded our secret land.  

I remember watching an apple decompose to nothing beneath these stairs.  Every day I'd look to see what had happened to it.  Also, I remember holding a funeral for a poor little caterpillar and burying him beside these stairs, then for some reason digging him up again later.

These monkeypod trees were always above our heads as we walked around the grounds.  They dropped these sticky pods filled with little brown beans all the time.  We would get the beans and rub them REALLY fast on the curb to make them hot, then test our bravery in touching them.

Another monkeypod.  The peacocks that roamed were always roosting in these and making their uniquel peacocky noises.  

There's the dumpster. I remember finding it full to overflowing one time as a child and finding "treasures"with a friend.  I think we found some ceramic trinkets someone had tossed out.  I guess I've never been squeamish.

I remember deciding that these huge black bumblebees (about an inch long) were good because people told me they didn't sting, they only might pee on you.  Really?  Pee?

A bird's eye view of the valley.  My elementary school is in the middle ground on the left,  just beyond where the shadows begin, I think.

The "peacock walk."  This is the road to the water tower.  Peacocks used to hang in the bushes here, but they've moved closer to the people.  I remember seeing the white peacock here.  That's my dad waving hello.
That's the shell of a gecko egg in this crack of a coconut tree.  Always there were eggs here, and I would look for them whenever I walked by.  I was telling my nephew this and he found one, sure enough.  

We sucked the nectar of these flowers and ate it.  Not sure if that's poisonous.  Hope not.  It's sweet.  

I always made sand turtles as a kid.  Now Saraiah did!

These are slippers, not flip flops.  They were pretty much the only shoes we wore, except when I got my trendy high top converse or the chinatown china doll shoes.

This is miso soup.  It is a Japanese broth made with miso paste, which is often made with fermented soybeans. It's is salty and delicious.  I had it for the first time in 2nd grade when I was in the hospital because of Pneumonia. 


  1. Wonderful! I literally cried and laughed out loud.

  2. This was a WONDERFUL glimpse into your childhood. LOVED IT!


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