Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Walkabout

garlic shoots in the garden braving the snowy weather
I'm thankful for what snow does.  It transforms our world so that time isn't the same.  Nature is different.  We notice things that are usually camouflaged by the dimness of everyday colors.  Birds appear.  Quiet reigns.  The world is filled with light.  We're drawn out to explore and everything looks new.  The snow today allowed me a break from my daily scrubbing of stickiness and putting on of marker lids, of toasting toast and sweeping of floors.  I'm thankful that God surprises me with these times of solitude and reflection.  They are like an unexpected hug.


after taking this picture, I noticed that my oldest daughter's initials are carved on the trunk of this tree
I think someone told me this is a spotted towhee
It's strange to me that the alder, a deciduous tree, has cones!

this little guy was so busy flitting from branch to branch, his wings are a blur
Mr Banty Rooster is trying to keep his feet warm 
I tried to take a picture of these ducks while they were in the creek but Koa dog noticed them first
I think the llama did these fresh scrapes on the alder tree.  Tree bark provides minerals in the winter for goats and llamas
Koa is sad that I made him be on the other side of the fence.  I just want to take pictures!

I think this is Douglas' Spirea.  It's easier to identify in the summer!

I think this might be a Paper Birch tree

Ok, so I think this is a kind of lichen that people take and woodburn..someone help me identify it!

bye bye blackberries
The crown of the post on the neighbor's gate

Alder I think

Mom and Dad's pond

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  1. Great shots Angie! Love the green tips coming out of the snow.


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