Friday, February 24, 2012

100th Day!

It's hard to believe that the 100th day of school has come and gone.  We're half way through the traditional school year.  Our home studies are plugging along.  We've finished one science curriculum and are starting in on a new one that's all about inventions and electricity.  The boys love it already because we're reading about a boy like them who homesteaded with his dad in the 1800s and made all kinds of inventions.  We're studying the types of trees that live in our area, how to save seeds from our garden, learning some Latin and Greek, as well as studying the Civil War and WWI.

At our Co-Op school, second semester classes have begun.  I love that the classes are run kind of like college classes.  You study topics you're interested in learning about and are done in a semester, unless it's a year long class like Kindergarten.  For the 100th day of school, the kids brought in collections of 100 things.  Saraiah brought 100 lupine seeds.  Her friend brought 100 rocks.  There was a detailed picture drawn with 100 parts.

Also, very importantly, the Flat Stanley style kindergarten students were mailed back from all around the country and the world.  Flat Stanley is a children's book, in which a little boy is made flat enough to mail places.  The kids make a flat version of themselves and sent them away.  Saraiah sent hers to grandma Marcia in Hawai'i, of course.  There was even one who travelled all they way to the Netherlands!  Each letter returned with the flat student dressed in clothes appropriate to the place they visited, plus interesting information about that place.

Saraiah has also started a class called "Mad Scientist" this semester.  They are studying "Bubbleology," learning about things like surface testing and how to run experiments with bubbles.  It's great fun.  She gets to take a class called "Herbology" as well, learning practical uses of herbs.  Yoga class will continue, and her art class is becoming a watercolor class.  I think I like our co-op not only because the kids love the classes, but because I can't get enough of them either!   It's the same with homeschooling. I love discovering with the kids.  There is ALWAYS something new to learn, or to rediscover alongside them.

Maia will have gone through Kindergarten and 1st grade level classes before the she starts kindergarten.  She quietly attends classes right alongside her big sis, just like how we learn at home.  

Postcard that returned from Hawaii with "flat Saraiah"

Of course Maia has to be a part of it all.  That's a postcard of a Hawaiian sea turtle.  
Glitter is a part of every kindergarten class
Focusing on Bubbleology
Isaac made this in French class for Mardi Gras.

Maia in the kindergarten class

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