Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The earth rubs the sleep from its eyes

Mini Daffodil beneath the red currant bush

Yesterday, when we went outside, I looked closely to see how much more the plants had poked their little heads up.  This is what I found. The earth is beginning to yawn, stretch and wake up for springtime.  I love this changing of the seasons, even if it's more subtle here than in other places.   It allows me to divide life into parts that make sense.  There's comfort in knowing that every year the daffodils will bloom, the lupines will grow tall and gather the dew and the whole cycle will run just as it always has.

lupines fringed with raindrops
A columbine, unfolding her leaves

Can't get enough of the lupines

We brought in some red flowering currant branches after pruning, and they leafed out and made these pretty white blossoms that smell like springtime.  I can't wait for the days they bloom outside, inviting the hummingbirds to take a sip.


  1. I love lupine but, ours died when we tried to transplant it, when we moved. Great pictures! Isn't springtime so exciting!!

  2. you make me want to get outside with my camera!!!!


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