Monday, February 20, 2012

A Marriage Blessing

Stephen and Justine were married in a civil ceremony a while back, but they wanted something more to honor the promises they had made to one another.  They chose to have a special marriage blessing at their church, a local Catholic congregation.  The ceremony was casual, beautiful and full of tradition.  I felt blessed to have been there to photograph it and was renewed in my joy for my own marriage.  

Friends and Family
preparing the chapel

Unity candle

before the blessing

Stephen's brothers, Gregory and Justin

The family

Babies always steal the show!

Stephen and Justine and their dear friends

Justine and her wonderful mom-in law, who is also my great friend Carol!


  1. Me, too. I am so glad you came. You caught some of the unique things about being catholic that I love and appreciate but would have never thought to get pictures. Thank you for taking your time for us. Thanks to you, Josie. I believe you were nice enough to watch the kiddos.


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