Friday, February 17, 2012

Palettes and Pairings

Carla is one of the first women who decided to listen to my whining when I moved here from Hawaii one cold February, twelve years ago.  She listened, but didn't commiserate, but looked always for the bright side, the silver lining, always managing to help me see how God was at work in my life, even if I was grumpy about it.  Her husband, Jim, is my husband's uncle, and he employed Brandon as an electrician while Brandon and I were dating and for part of the time when we were married I think.  I remember always managing to show up to visit at dinner time, and Carla would welcome our little family of three to join in.  Carla and Jim are the ones who first showed Brandon what a real, down to earth follower of Christ lives like.  We love them and their family.  They've taught us so much.  

Carla, center, Josie, right, and cousin, left.
It was a happy day for me to get to join in on the celebration for Carla's birthday yesterday.  Her daughter, Josie, my dear sister-friend invited some of Carla's friends and some of her own to trek to Kirkland for a painting party!  I have to admit, I was pretty darn intimidated going to paint.  I've never been one to be able to blend colors in  paint.  I have to be able to smudge things with my in charcoal, pastels to be able to create something good.  Palettes and Pairings, the business that holds these painting classes, teaches you everything you need to know.  You go to their website, choose the painting you'd like to do, and enroll in a class.  There was a discount for the day we went, which was wonderful.  They have all the paints,  palettes, aprons and canvasses set for you, and there is coffee, tea, wine and snacks.  It makes for a wonderful girls' night out. 

Alas, I packed my camera bag and left it in my own van.  These pictures are taken with my cell phone.  

Here's the owner and instructor.  She painted right along with us, showing us what to do.

Voila!  I will turn this blank canvas into a MASTERPIECE!
My cell phone has a setting where it takes the photo in negative.  So cool!

more negative!

there's my painting.  I love spirals.

Leah, one of Josie's friends, is an actual artist,  She made this beautiful painting all on her own.

The next morning, Saraiah asked, "MOM, who made that beautiful painting with the waterfall and the sunshine????"    I didn't even see it as  She couldn't believe it was me.  When I told her it was, she of course wanted to try it for herself, and so did Levi.  They have turned our watercolors into mud, so I told them they had to use washable markers with water.  Their pictures are on the far left.  

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