Monday, February 27, 2012

Seedling Experiment Update

Saraiah's calendula

You might remember that when I planted my seedlings this year, I planted them in a variety of containers.  I had run out of the little expandable peat pellets and wanted to find out what would sprout my seedlings best.  So far, everything I tried has worked well except the egg carton cups cut out and used independently.  Here are our babies!

Calendula growing in the top of an egg carton.  This was easy to keep moist...we kept it on a cookie sheet and i poured water around it and keep a  clear plastic greenhouse type lid over it.

Basil growing in toilet paper rolls.  The dirt goes all the way to the little canals that carry water around in the tray below.  They stayed moist well.  A plastic clear lid was over them.

These eggshells were drying out on my windowsill, waiting to grow new things.  The seedlings planted eggshell dirt stayed surprisingly moist.  I did sprinkle water over them, and had poked drainage holes in the bottom.  

Baby tomato plants!  
You can see some of the egg carton cups cut out with seedlings and the egg shells with seedlings.  The egg carton cutouts were the hardest to keep moist.  I will need to watch them so my new baby plants don't die!



  1. I enjoyed looking at all the creative ways you planted your seeds. I want to try the eggshell method. Love the photos!

  2. I wish I was more of a gardener. You make it look like fun!!


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