Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's day cookies with Auntie Carol

My girls have so many aunties.  They are well loved!  My friend Carol has just two teenagers at home still and misses the younger kid times, so she's adopted them as Auntie Carol.  At Christmas time she and her daughter in law made Christmas goodies with the girls.  It was natural that at Valentine's Day, some cookies and whoopie pies would be in order, so she invited the girls over.  Of course I tagged along!

Carol was the one who sav ed me by taking care of Maia when I was teaching a photography class at the kids' co-op school.  She and Maia have a special bond.  One time, when Carol came to my house for a craft night, Maia couldn't get to sleep and was crying inconsolably.  Auntie Carol went to tuck her in and Maia exclaimed, "I love you!"  She slept just fine after that.  I'm so thankful for Carol, her big heart, and her friendship.

I couldn't believe I forgot my camera, which is usually strapped to my person, when it was time for the girls to make cookies!  Thankfully, Carol's husband had a Canon EOS Rebel XT, which I clumsily used in manual mode.  I never figured out how to change the aperture, so all I adjusted for these pictures was the ISO and shutter speed.  It was a great challenge, and made me learn how Canon cameras work.

Maia is very careful

Putting sprinkles on the whoopie pies


I make a HEDGE around my cookie!

Frosting snack! 

See you soon!

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  1. Love you and your girls. The pictures turned out really well. next we do Easter!


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