Sunday, March 11, 2012

Better than school pictures!

When I figured out that it was less expensive and more fun to do pictures at my home, I felt so free!  I didn't have to drag all my kids to a portrait studio or get them ready for school pictures, praying all the while that they didn't do the "cheese" smile for the photographer.  This is one of my favorite things about doing portraits for my family and others.  The pictures you get at home or outdoors are so much more genuine and relaxed.  They really allow personality to shine through, and that's what happened during this portrait session with my friend's daughter.  We had a great time walking all over my property and finding new places to pose.

I was trying to copy the trendy style of picture where the sun is shining behind a person lighting up their hair and making haze.  It sort of came through, but I will have to try it again.

reflection...look carefully.  :)
loving the running away!
yep, that was snow on the ground!

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