Saturday, March 24, 2012

Billions of Birthdays

Saraiah sports a party hat as she becomes a guitar hero

We have lots of spring birthdays among our friends and family, especially in march!  There were 2 friend parties, 3 cousins, a grandpa, and next week Saraiah will be six.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the birthday moments we've celebrated so far this month!
The most recent party was one for my friend Josie's twin boys.  I was there when they are born, and now they are 5...or 55 if you read the cupcakes consecutively!  The theme was a super hero party!

One of the boys didn't feel so good.  A shot of his feet was more to his liking  
Mask decorating! 

Birthday boy number 1  
Birthday boy number 2

they're cousins, identical cousins..

Josie is just as into cameras as me!   
He's got the family dimples

After a super hero race outside, the kids had fun playing with glow wands in the basement. 
Because this is the proper attire for blowing out my candles...

The twins 
Even the stuffed animals came ready for a super hero themed party!

The other party I'm sharing pictures from was that of a sweet little 6 year old girl we know... here goes...all pink!  (except for the St. Patty's green!)

This birthday was on St. Patty's day!

Face painting
nail polish...perfect for a 6 year old's party!

Cutest dog award

Bing!  She's got an idea!

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