Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elisabeth and Josh's Family

A few weeks ago when we had a small break in the blustery spring weather, I met up with Elisabeth and Josh to do some pictures of their fun loving and sweet family.  The kids are all characters and did very well putting up with the goofy questions I ask kids during a photo shoot to try to get them to break their tight lipped or "say cheese" smiles. They responded in kind with even goofier faces, or just looks of plain disbelief at my silliness.  You'd be surprised too how much attention you get when you tell kids to "Watch the camera to be sure I do have a face hiding behind it!"  Every once in a while I'd give a great thrill by revealing that yes, indeed, I do have a face.  The weather turned cold by the end of the shoot, but we had fun, and I guess that's what matters, right?

Little guy says "Howdy Pardner!"

The wind started kicking up! 

Fixing her hair in the wind!
The eldest had the most faces!

He was just chillin'

We got this little three year old to cooperate by letting him run, then telling him, "Just one picture!" and sneaking in a few extras.

I'm THIS many!

The story of life as a young family....

"I will not play at tug-o war, I'd rather play at hug-o-war.."--Shel Silverstein

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  1. Love these!!! I love how the running ones turned out. So much fun!!!


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