Saturday, March 31, 2012

I still love the rain

Today was a soggy day.  Even the salmonberry blossom was hanging its head, hunkering down for drier days.  I love seeing these pink polka dots beginning to decorate the brush.  It reminds me of the tasty berries that are to follow.  This wetness and scrunching of shoulder and bowing of heads makes me even more ready to lift my eyes to the sky when at last there's a break in the clouds.  

I love the rain because it's beautiful on flowers and leaves.  It is adorable on the eyelashes and shoulders of children fresh from play in it.  It can transform soil into a liquid that splashes and oozes.  It drips and spills over and out of everything,  and bounces with the kids on the trampoline.  I can smell the dampness of it on the soil and I miss it when it's gone.  I love the rain the most though because it's the opposite of clear skies.  Its wet, sparkly muted beauty is perfectly contrasted by the bright and brilliant blue days that it promises, and I am compelled to love both wet and dry all the more.

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  1. I also always have and always will love the rain!!!


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